Relocated? Leasing your old home? How to save yourself some headache

From Horses to Smartphones

From the moment humans discovered that horses can be ridden, life has had the potential for mobility. With the additions of the automobile, freeway systems, and mobile phones, that potential has been souped up and mass-produced.

Have you moved to a new area and leased your old home several states away? Do you rent out houses or rooms from a distance? Do you have an investment property far away?

You need every tool you can get that allows you to manage your assets efficiently, and distance adds a whole new dimension to leasing properties. What is the best way to get applications to applicants? Run background checks? Sign documents? Collect rent?

When face-to-face transactions are out of the question, an online paperless leasing tool is just what the doctor ordered.

E-mail Applications for Free

With a paperless leasing tool like LeaseRunner (www.leaserunner.com), there is no need to fly or drive to meet with applicants. E-mail an application from your laptop or smartphone to the applicant’s laptop or smartphone at absolutely no charge.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Never met the applicant face-to-face? No worries! Run a national, comprehensive credit and criminal background check on someone who lives across the country from you. You can even pass on the cost to your tenant.

E-sign Documents

Flying across the country to sign lease documents ruining your vacation plans? How about both you and your tenant e-signing those documents in less time than it takes to book a flight? Done! You both receive the fully-executed documents as PDFs by e-mail and you’re off to the Caribbean on schedule.

Collect Rent

Where is that rent check? It was due three days ago. Did it get lost in the mail? Was there a holiday slow-down in mail delivery? Instead, after setting up a bank account, your tenant can make electronic payments each month, and can even set up automatic payments, making late payments impossible.

Just think of the headaches LeaseRunner can eliminate when you are forced to lease your old home.

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